Claims enforcement and damages

Our Law Firm’s assistance is about representing the claimants in the scope of claiming damages from every entity that has a duty to redress the damage. We represent our Clients in cases related to claiming damages resulting from transport accidents, medical malpractice, other accidents (like slipping or stumbling in public places) or arising from damages in transported goods, in case of accident at work caused by employer or by employer’s negligence, and also from tour operators and travel agencies, in case standard of service was different than stated in the agreement. We successfully represent our Clients in disputes with insurance companies who groundlessly refuse to pay or underpay damages. Our service covers all stages of the proceedings, beginning with assistance in preparing proper documentation, through claim application to the respondent and supervising the correctness of claim adjustment, ending with payment of compensation, satisfactory for the claimant, as a result of amicable settlement or court proceedings.