Marriage and family affairs

Family law cases, due to their nature, are delicate issues and induce a lot of emotions. Our main goal is to minimize negative effects, cost of such proceedings and stress connected with it. We always remain fully professional and show a lot of understanding. If the Client wishes to get divorced or has decided on separation, this is the best moment to contact our Law Firm, as it will enable comprehensive conduct of the court proceedings in this scope. Our Firm also deals with marriage existence or non-existence establishment cases as well as marriage annulment. We handle cases of division of joint property of the spouses, both in relation to divorce as well as during marriage. Very often the spouses decide to sign a marital property agreement (e.g. when one of them starts running a business). It is worth agreeing on all the stipulations of such agreement with the participation of a professional, which, for sure, will enable the Client to avoid potential unpleasant consequences of imprecise provisions. We conduct proceeding on application for contact with minor children, for child maintenance, as well as maintenance for wife/ husband, also from Maintenance Fund, as well as eviction of a spouse. We also deal with cases pertaining to parental authority, parentage, incapacitation as well as custody and guardianship. In order to obtain more information, please contact our Firm.