Terms of cooperation

We provide for three payment systems, adjusted to Client’s needs.

First system – a flat rate, regardless of amount of work provided in the respective settlement period.

Our Clients are eager to choose this system as it is clear and easy to use, it distributes the risk among both interested parties and additionally, allows precise planning of expenses (budgeting). In the scope of this system, direct costs of providing legal assistance by the Firm are not included (are additionally paid).

Second payment system – this is an hourly rate system.

The fee is paid monthly, on the basis of VAT invoice and statement of activities performed by the Firm to the benefit of the Mandator.

Third payment system  – this is a combination of both systems presented above.

In this case, the Client agrees on the scope of services provided by the Firm, within limited number of hours in exchange for agreed flat rate. After the limit is being exceeded, the Client is charged with hourly rates, described in the second payment system.