Due diligence

Law Firm KONEKSJA offers specialized due diligence audit, especially in area of:

  • business entities (sole proprietorships, commercial law companies and other traders),
  • real estate (undeveloped land, immovable property, premises),
  • movable assets (including components of undertakings) and intangible property rights
  • analysis of the transaction risks.

Due diligence covers comprehensive evaluation of our Client’s subject of interest both in terms of its legal relationships (legal status, ownership structure), as well as economic consequences of the potential transaction (burdens of ownership, third party rights, security for a debt). Thorough due diligence analysis enables strategic business decisions with investment risk minimization. Undeniable advantage of legal audit is the fact that the results of analysis are practical and refer to specific problems connected with investment plans and can be used to create system solutions that help to avoid problems in future. Due diligence audit is especially recommended in case of intended enterprise or real estate acquisition, transformation of an entity, assuming managerial functions by bodies comprised of new personnel or implementation of new systems of operating an enterprise. The scope of the final report is always agreed with the Client.