Our services

Based on our knowledge and long-standing experience we provide professional services for business. We offer permanent, comprehensive legal services for business entities as well as disposable legal advice. Please welcome to the broad description of the specializations below and contact our office.


Debt recovery

Our Law Firm has a broad trade receivables recovery experience. We offer, among others, amount of debt monitoring, negotiations with debtors, we also handle litigation and enforcement. We provide nationwide service in the field of mass debt collection. Our lawyers have experience in area of debt collection, including proceedings related to debt collection of foreign entrepreneurs in Poland and proceedings before Polish courts against foreign contractors. We have also implemented IT tools that enable us to report current situation to our Client.

Legal representation

Due to very large number of cases conducted by us, we have an extensive experience in legal representation of our Clients before common courts of all instances, arbitration courts, administration institutions, Supreme Court, Supreme Administrative Court, law enforcement authorities, as well as National Appeal Chamber.
We care about our Client very much and we approach each case individually and comprehensively, using solutions that protect Client’s interest in a best possible way. We are not afraid of challenges and we deal with each proceedings with the same attention and care, regardless of the subject matter and amount of claim.
Our activity covers preparation of all the legal documents in the course of the proceedings (claims, motions, pleadings, complaints, petitions, etc.) as well as participation in court hearings. It is crucial for us, that the Client is acquainted with the course of the proceedings; therefore we discuss every aspect of the proceedings on numerous meetings with the Client.

Business talks and negotiations

Business talks and negotiations is the essential part of running a business. Multitude of regulations pertaining to functioning of the market makes it difficult to achieve certain and unequivocal results of the negotiations. Our team of specialists has a broad experience in business talks and negotiations. The scope of service includes both full conduct of negotiations with business partners as well as advice on legal consequences of the result of negotiations conducted by clients themselves. Our knowledge of negotiations techniques enables our clients to obtain the best possible terms of contract.

Commercial transactions

Our lawyers’ knowledge and comprehensive experience will support you in most complicated commercial transactions. Within the scope of service our team will perform thorough legal, financial, tax and commercial analysis of companies (both partnerships and sole traders) before their acquisition and also in case of transformation processes of big business entities. Lawyers of Law Firm „KONEKSJA” specialize in legal advice on complex commercial agreements.

Investment process

Law Firm „KONEKSJA” offers comprehensive legal services in field of conducting investment process which covers both the whole course of the investment as well as its respective stages, including negotiations with financial institutions, purchaser and contractor and other participants in the investment process. We also offer services in area of construction contracts based on FIDIC Conditions of Contract. The services we offer include professional legal service and representation in administrative, court and administrative and court proceedings during the execution of every investment plan. Investment process is connected with real estate law. In the scope of that domain, our Firm offers wide range of services, including real estate audit in terms of its legal status as well as advisory on spatial development of the real estate, ownership disputes settlement, representation in business trading on real estate market, preparing drafts of all contracts related to real estate, including sales, lease, usage and tenancy of office and commercial space agreement, legal services for developers, representation in every administrative and court proceedings pertaining to the real estate.

Corporate law

Our Firm provides services in the scope of creating and organizing business activity (including advise on choosing the form of business activity that is most suitable for the Client), and also fulfilling the registration duties.

We offer services for all kinds of corporate aspects of running a business entity, resulting from processes taking place in the course of their ongoing business activity. The scope of service includes, among others, preparation and assessment of internal acts of legislations (resolutions, by-laws, intracorporate procedures) as well as monitoring of their implementation and execution and assistance in organization of shareholder meetings and general meetings. We also provide legal assistance in the course of subjective transformations (disposal of stocks/ shares, mergers and takeovers, transformations), which also covers update duties fulfilment in respective registers of entrepreneurs.


Our Law Firm offers legal assistance at every stage of entering into and executing the agreement, starting from support on level of negotiating best possible agreement conditions for the Client, through ongoing assistance in the course of executing the agreement, ending up with participating in mediation and potential court disputes resulting from the agreement. Agreement drafts proposed by the Firm are always based on specific needs of individual Client, in order to secure their contractual position in relationship with the other party, as well as to minimize legal risk that may result from entering into agreement. Our offer pertains to commercial agreements in domestic and international trade, both between professionals, as well as between professional and customer.

Labour law

We are aware that each entrepreneur, due to object of their economic activity, number of employees or internal structure, has different needs. Therefore, our aim is to come up with the most optimal and beneficial solutions for the Client. We prepare comprehensive employee documentation, i.e. employment contracts, non-competition agreements, entrustment agreements, declaration of termination of employment contract – with or without notice. We also act in field of maintaining personal records, work time, vacations, remuneration rules and many more. Cohesion and correctness of the documentation enables the employer to practically eliminate disputes with employees in this area. We also prepare internal regulations of the employer, i.e. work regulations, remuneration rules, employee benefit fund, corporate collective labour agreements and benefits packages. We represent the employer in relations with trade unions and in contacts with National Labour Inspectorate (personally, in a form of post-audit statements). Owing to our actions our Clients have avoided negative consequences of this type of audit many times ( e.g. up to PLN 30 000 fine) . We also represent clients in disputes with employees at the negotiation stage and in court proceedings.

Medical law

One of the crucial domains that the Firm has many years’, broad experience in, is legal service for entrepreneurs of medical branch. In the course of ongoing service for, among others, The Mikolaj Kopernik Pomeranian Trauma Centre in Gdansk, Powiatowe Centrum Zdrowia sp. z o.o. in Kartuzy (District Health Centre) , NZOZ Szpital Powiatowy in Tczew (District Hospital), our Firm has provided legal advice in area of many complex issues, determined by the nature of activity of those entities. The scope of service covers all aspects of on-going activity of those entities, especially entering into and executing medical services agreements, as well as settlement of disputes resulting from those agreements (including claims resulting from malpractice).

Transport law

Employees of the Legal Advisers Law Firm KONEKSJA have broad experience in ongoing legal services of business entities dealing with transport and freight forwarding. Our knowledge in the field of national and international transport law as well as business practice in that area ensure smooth business running by our Client. Transport law specialization covers drafting of contracts, both for national and international transport but also for multimodal transport. Our offer includes legal representation and pursuing claims pertaining to transport services agreed in transport and freight forwarding contracts. We represent our Clients in disputes with insurance companies during claims adjustments connected with transport activity.

Intellectual and industrial property

We provide legal services in area of protection of author’s moral rights and economic rights as well as related rights, trademarks protection, patents, utility models, know-how and business secret (confidentiality). We deal with preparing drafts, negotiations and assessment of agreements of transfer of author’s economic rights and licence agreements, as well as contractual clauses pertaining to intellectual and industrial property. Additionally, we provide participation and representation before courts and other institutions for issues in dispute in this range.

Transmission easement

We deal with pursuing claims against transmission companies (especially energy companies), with respect to foundation of transferring equipment on the real property, which covers enforcement of compensation for transmission easement establishment, as well as damages for using the real estate without legal title in past years. Our firm represents Clients both in the course of negotiations with the transmission company, aimed at entering into a contract of transmission easement establishment for remuneration, as well as before common courts and public administration institutions and administration courts – in case there is no amicable settlement.

Administrative proceedings

In the scope of administrative law practice, our lawyers represent the Clients before administrative courts, including Supreme Administrative Court, and all the government and local self-government administration authorities. They give advice with respect to obtaining all kinds of permits and licenses; they prepare appeals to local self-government appeals committee (SKO), complaints to Supreme Administrative Court, etc.

Restructuring and bankruptcy

For customers who encounter financial difficulties connected with illiquidity (or potential threat of illiquidity) we offer assistance in company restructuring and, in case of further complications, legal advice on enforcement as well as bankruptcy and reorganization proceedings. We support companies in every activity aimed at their functioning and profitability improvement. We represent our Clients before court, court enforcement officer and trustee in bankruptcy. We estimate risks threatening members of governing bodies of partnerships, resulting from bankruptcy situation of companies managed by them. Our Law Firm conducts proceedings aimed at liquidation of business entities.

Public procurement

Our Firm successfully represents both awarding entities and economic operators.


We offer complex services in area of preparation of tender procedure, including advisory on preparing Terms of Reference (pol. SIWZ), agreements, regulations, by-laws. We also provide assistance in choosing the procedure, stating the conditions of taking part in it, evaluation criteria of the offers, evaluating the applications and offers– in other words, we guarantee support and assistance on each stage of the procedure. We provide advice on problems that may occur both before and during the tender procedure. In case of matters in disputes, the Firm represents the Clients in proceedings conducted before National Appeal Chamber. Our activity is based on experience that we have gained, the knowledge of provisions of law that we have and constant analysis of judicial decisions of, among others, National Appeal Chamber functioning by Public Procurement Office, Regional Courts considering complaints from area of Public procurement law.


The core activities of our Firm are advisory and active assistance on each stage of tender procedure. We provide material support for the Client in the process of preparation of the bid and we prepare correspondence addressed to the Awarding entity. We offer assistance in area of legal remedies – we prepare legal documents, represent our Client before National Appeal Chamber, participate in negotiations with the Awarding entity, in order to secure Client’s interest in best possible way. Our actions fall beyond coverage of the sole tender procedure. We are very committed to supporting our Client in the process of carrying out and finalizing the procurement transaction and, afterwards, settling of the procurement. Such a comprehensive protection enables the Client to avoid negative consequences and guarantees their satisfaction. Additionally, we prepare legal opinions for Client’s individual query.

Due Diligence

Law Firm KONEKSJA offers specialized due diligence audit, especially in area of:

  • business entities (sole proprietorships, commercial law companies and other traders),
  • real estate (undeveloped land, immovable property, premises),
  • movable assets (including components of undertakings) and intangible property rights
  • analysis of the transaction risks.

Due diligence covers comprehensive evaluation of our Client’s subject of interest both in terms of its legal relationships (legal status, ownership structure), as well as economic consequences of the potential transaction (burdens of ownership, third party rights, security for a debt). Thorough due diligence analysis enables strategic business decisions with investment risk minimization. Undeniable advantage of legal audit is the fact that the results of analysis are practical and refer to specific problems connected with investment plans and can be used to create system solutions that help to avoid problems in future. Due diligence audit is especially recommended in case of intended enterprise or real estate acquisition, transformation of an entity, assuming managerial functions by bodies comprised of new personnel or implementation of new systems of operating an enterprise. The scope of the final report is always agreed with the Client.