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Claims enforcement and damages

Our Law Firm’s assistance is about representing the claimants in the scope of claiming damages from every entity that has a duty to redress the damage. We represent our Clients in cases related to claiming damages resulting from transport accidents, medical malpractice, other accidents (like slipping or stumbling in public places) or arising from damages in transported goods, in case of accident at work caused by employer or by employer’s negligence, and also from tour operators and travel agencies, in case standard of service was different than stated in the agreement. We successfully represent our Clients in disputes with insurance companies who groundlessly refuse to pay or underpay damages. Our service covers all stages of the proceedings, beginning with assistance in preparing proper documentation, through claim application to the respondent and supervising the correctness of claim adjustment, ending with payment of compensation, satisfactory for the claimant, as a result of amicable settlement or court proceedings.

Representation before courts

Lawyers of our Firm successfully represent Clients before courts of all instances – beginning with first instance (district and regional courts in civil proceedings) through courts of appeal (regional courts, courts of appeal in civil proceedings), to end with Supreme Court and Constitutional Tribunal. Within the scope of legal representation we take necessary actions in order to protect legal interests of our Clients and we set control over timeliness and correctness of the proceedings as our priority.

Representation before public administration offices and authorities

Lawyers of our Firm have a wide practice in representing Clients before public administration authorities in full scope of administrative cases (e.g. construction law, spatial development and other cases).We assist our Clients in preparing documents which are necessary in administrative proceedings and we protect Client’s interest in course of the proceedings (we file means of appeal and complaints to administrative courts and we control correctness and timeliness of the proceedings. Additionally, we offer legal advisory in scope of substantive administrative law provisions.

Marriage and family affairs

Family law cases, due to their nature, are delicate issues and induce a lot of emotions. Our main goal is to minimize negative effects, cost of such proceedings and stress connected with it. We always remain fully professional and show a lot of understanding. If the Client wishes to get divorced or has decided on separation, this is the best moment to contact our Law Firm, as it will enable comprehensive conduct of the court proceedings in this scope. Our Firm also deals with marriage existence or non-existence establishment cases as well as marriage annulment. We handle cases of division of joint property of the spouses, both in relation to divorce as well as during marriage. Very often the spouses decide to sign a marital property agreement (e.g. when one of them starts running a business). It is worth agreeing on all the stipulations of such agreement with the participation of a professional, which, for sure, will enable the Client to avoid potential unpleasant consequences of imprecise provisions. We conduct proceeding on application for contact with minor children, for child maintenance, as well as maintenance for wife/ husband, also from Maintenance Fund, as well as eviction of a spouse. We also deal with cases pertaining to parental authority, parentage, incapacitation as well as custody and guardianship. In order to obtain more information, please contact our Firm.

Employee affairs

We provide full range of legal advisory for employees. It covers, among others, advisory in scope of entering into, amendment and termination of employment contract with the employer, drafting of managerial contracts, analysis of situation of Clients, with whom the employer terminated contract with notice. We also represent employees in proceedings before labour court and in other cases and proceedings, whenever employees’ rights were violated.


Our Law Firm conducts inheritance law cases. Our goal, in the first place, is to review all the legal aspects of our Client’s particular case and choose the best solution. The scope of our activities includes cases relating to correct drafting of last will and testament since everyone has an opportunity to decide on their property, also in the event of death. We make sure that the last will and testament are made according to applicable regulations as well as our Client’s preferences, thus eliminating potential family conflicts. The Firm deals with ascertainment of acquisition of estate of deceased person proceedings, both in case of statutory inheritance and inheritance under will. We analyse all the issues relating to acceptance of inheritance (with full liability for the estate’s debts or up to the level of net assets) and disclaimer of inheritance. We prepare necessary legal documents and represent our Clients during court hearings. If heirs are unable to come to an agreement, inheritance division proceedings –meaning the distribution of the inheritance among entitled persons, needs to be initiated. Negotiations with the distributees conducted by the Firm, together with participation in the proceedings, guarantee maximum protection of Client’s interest. We have a broad experience in legitime entitlement, disinheritance and unworthiness to inherit cases, as well as circumstances related to challenging the validity of last will and testament.

Transmission easement

Our Law Firm deals with pursuing claims relating to illegitimate foundation of industrial equipment (especially power equipment) on private real property, which includes enforcement of compensation for transmission easement establishment, as well as damages for using the real estate without legal title in past years. We represent our Clients both during negotiations with transmission company, aiming at signing a transmission easement agreement, as well as before common courts, public administration authorities and administrative courts – in case dispute cannot be settled amicably.

Real estate

Our Law Firm has broad experience in all cases (both administrative and civil) connected with trading (sale, lease) and development (all kinds of building investments) of the real estate. We assist our Clients in proceedings before public administration institutions and we support them in preparing all the papers and applications that might be necessary during planning of the investment process and during the course of it. We are also acquainted with developer agreements of sale and lease of the real estate. Upon request, we prepare legal opinion in this regard and we clarify all the risks and essential details.

Damages and insurance law

Our Firm has broad experience in claiming damages as well as in advisory in field of insurance. It happens quite often that the claimants feel that damages paid to them is too low or the insurance company unfairly refused to pay the damages. Despite the generally accepted view, that an ordinary man has no chances in dispute with big insurance company, we prove that this opinion is wrong. We focus on protection of claimants interests. On behalf of Client, we claim compensation for damages to person (e.g. health impairment, medical malpractice, accident at workplace) as well as material damages – including stolen or damaged car, theft, fortuitous events, e.g. fire, apartment flooding and many more. We also help in claiming pensions of various kinds and damages for loss of earnings. Our Firm provides complex service and professionalism. Our aim is to obtain damages from the insurance company in the amount that is fair to our Client.

Protection of personal interests

Our Law Firm has vast experience in conducting cases for protection of personal interests. It covers mainly cases related to obtaining apologies from the perpetrator, remedy of the infringement of personal interests (e.g. by revoking a declaration, deleting false data from the Internet), payment of compensation or non-pecuniary damages. In those cases, we represent our Clients at the stage of amicable settlement of the dispute as well as before courts.

Consumer law

Our consumer law offer addressed to natural persons covers professional advisory, legal opinions and legal documents preparation as well as representation of Clients in disputes with entrepreneurs. Our area of expertise is especially disputes with banks and other financial institutions;
we successfully represent Clients in proceedings referring to consumer law protection, recognition of provisions of standard contracts as inadmissible, non-compliance of electronic services provided and other proceedings.

We act as representative of claimants ingroup proceedings.

Medical law

Our Law Firm deals with claiming damages resulting from improper performance of medical services (so called medical malpractice) from all entities running activities in that field (hospitals, public and private health care institutions, private practices). Legal assistance that we provide covers both representation of claimants during negotiations with medical institutions, as well as acting on behalf of Client in proceedings before Regional Commissions for Evaluation of Medical Events, as well as common courts.

Tax law

Provisions of law impose an obligation to pay many kind of taxes, but also provide for a number of tax exemptions as well as tax refund. In order to avoid negative consequences from Tax Office’s (e.g. fine or even imprisonment) or other institutions’ side, we provide comprehensive legal advisory and (in case needed) prepare proper documents and applications. We offer our support in area of inheritance and donation tax, tax on civil law transactions (e.g. in case of sale of a car, loan agreement, life estate agreement, establishing a mortgage, etc.), real property tax, motor vehicles tax, personal income tax related to work (e.g. employment contract, mandate, contract for specific work) and related to property (e.g. lease, tenancy). In order not to get lost in the abundance of regulations and get a clear, precise solution to the problem, it is worth contacting our Law Firm.

Travel and Tourism Law

Our Firm offers comprehensive legal assistance in scope of travel and tourism law, especially in situations, where travel agency amends, without prior consent from the customer, during the trip, accommodation or board conditions (e.g. change of hotel, noise during the night, unpleasant smell, unattractive view), changes the price before beginning of the trip, changes the time of flight, shortens the duration of the trip or its program, when local resident’s care was inappropriate or if means of transport did not comply with the agreement. The Firm has also experience in claiming compensation for „wasted holidays” and inconvenience before court. We protect Client’s rights in case of travel agency’s liquidation notice and we prepare claims for stating the contractual clause as being abusive, and, upon client’s request’s, we assess travel agency’s credibility. We also take legal actions against airlines and travel agencies in case of client’s luggage damage or loss.