Damages and insurance law

Our Firm has broad experience in claiming damages as well as in advisory in field of insurance. It happens quite often that the claimants feel that damages paid to them is too low or the insurance company unfairly refused to pay the damages. Despite the generally accepted view, that an ordinary man has no chances in dispute with big insurance company, we prove that this opinion is wrong. We focus on protection of claimants interests. On behalf of Client, we claim compensation for damages to person (e.g. health impairment, medical malpractice, accident at workplace) as well as material damages – including stolen or damaged car, theft, fortuitous events, e.g. fire, apartment flooding and many more. We also help in claiming pensions of various kinds and damages for loss of earnings. Our Firm provides complex service and professionalism. Our aim is to obtain damages from the insurance company in the amount that is fair to our Client.