Travel and tourism law

Our Firm offers comprehensive legal assistance in scope of travel and tourism law, especially in situations, where travel agency amends, without prior consent from the customer, during the trip, accommodation or board conditions (e.g. change of hotel, noise during the night, unpleasant smell, unattractive view), changes the price before beginning of the trip, changes the time of flight, shortens the duration of the trip or its program, when local resident’s care was inappropriate or if means of transport did not comply with the agreement. The Firm has also experience in claiming compensation for „wasted holidays” and inconvenience before court. We protect Client’s rights in case of travel agency’s liquidation notice and we prepare claims for stating the contractual clause as being abusive, and, upon client’s request’s, we assess travel agency’s credibility. We also take legal actions against airlines and travel agencies in case of client’s luggage damage or loss.