Our Law Firm conducts inheritance law cases. Our goal, in the first place, is to review all the legal aspects of our Client’s particular case and choose the best solution. The scope of our activities includes cases relating to correct drafting of last will and testament since everyone has an opportunity to decide on their property, also in the event of death. We make sure that the last will and testament are made according to applicable regulations as well as our Client’s preferences, thus eliminating potential family conflicts. The Firm deals with ascertainment of acquisition of estate of deceased person proceedings, both in case of statutory inheritance and inheritance under will. We analyse all the issues relating to acceptance of inheritance (with full liability for the estate’s debts or up to the level of net assets) and disclaimer of inheritance. We prepare necessary legal documents and represent our Clients during court hearings. If heirs are unable to come to an agreement, inheritance division proceedings –meaning the distribution of the inheritance among entitled persons, needs to be initiated. Negotiations with the distributees conducted by the Firm, together with participation in the proceedings, guarantee maximum protection of Client’s interest. We have a broad experience in legitime entitlement, disinheritance and unworthiness to inherit cases, as well as circumstances related to challenging the validity of last will and testament.