Katarzyna Wińska-Rużewicz

University of Gdansk, Faculty of Law and Administration as well as Faculty of Ekonomics graduate, public procurement specialist.

She has gained broad experience working for awarding entities and economic operators.  Acting on behalf of awarding entities, including one of the biggest in Poland, both for utility and classic contracts, she has prepared procedures, including EUR 10  000 000 worth and she has undergone ex-ante controls successfully. Additional, she represents the awarding entities before National Chamber of Appeal and supervisory bodies.

Providing services for economic operators, she deals with significant terms and conditions of the tender, applying for their amendment, checking competitive offers, drafting written explanations and submitting legal remedies.


Teaching and research activity.

She has been giving lectures on public procurement at University of Gdansk and Gdansk University of Technology for many years. She has conducted seminars on behalf of Polish Agency of Enterprise Development and to the order of Ministry of Regional Development. She has trained hundreds of people acting on behalf of awarding entities and economic operators.

She combines teaching and research work with public procurement, economic analysis of law. She has been invited by the President of Public Procurement Office to give lectures on conferences organised by PPO and universities. Her publications are present on PPO website.